Planning Applications

Planning applications in Shepway are submitted to, handled by and decided by Shepway District Council who are the Principal Planning Authority for the area.

Any applications that fall within Sandgate are referred to Sandgate Parish Council to consider and give their opinion as a consultee on the application. Applications are considered at Planning Committee meetings, which are held “as and when required”, but generally on Tuesday evenings at Sandgate Library, and notified at least 5 working days in advance.

Members of the Public, applicants, those in favour or against any application are welcome to attend Planning Committee meetings and will be offered the opportunity to speak to the Committee prior to the consideration of the application by Councillors.

The final decision to give or refuse planning permission remains that of Shepway District Council, but the view of the Parish Council should be taken into account in the making of that decision.

On the Shepway Council website you can view and comment on current Planning Applications, as well as find Planning advice, details of when a planning application is required and how to apply.

The Parish Council responses to planning applications are shown in the minutes of the Parish Council Planning Committee.