Sandgate Parish Councillors 2019-2023

Sandgate is made up of two wards; Village and Valley. Between them they elect 11 Councillors.

Sandgate Councillors – Village Ward (8 Councillors)

Robert Bliss


Nina Bliss


Michael Fitch

Gary Fuller


Tim Prater

Vannessa Reay

Tracy Stephens

Adrian Watts



Sandgate Councillors – Valley Ward (3 Councillors)

Nabin Siwa


Guy Valentine-Neale



Lewis Whitnall


Committees: (*) The Chairman and Vice-Chairman is an ex-officio member of all committees and advisory working groups.

Sub-Committees, Advisory/Working Groups:

  • Land Assets Management (LAM)
  • Beach Advisory Group (BAG)
  • Business & Tourism advisory group
  • Transport and Parking advisory group

Further membership of Advisory/Working Groups will include co-opted members from groups such as the RRRA, Sandgate Society and Beach Management Committee.

Councillors are often representatives for community groups such as the Chichester Hall Committee, Sandgate Society, Sandgate Heritage Trust, Sandgate Community Trust, Sandgate Primary School, Sea Festival Committee, etc.

If you would like to contact your Councillor please use the contact details provided or email the Parish Clerk. Your enquiry will then be passed on to the appropriate Councillor or sub committee.